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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to prepare for my shoot?

Organize your outfits, get a tan professionally done, Hair removal, book a mua, and get some inspo photos.

What clothes do you recommend?

something that is comfortable that flatters your physique.

it all depends on the photo session we are doing. I can help you with clothing ideas once we work out the style of the shoot.

What other items should I bring to the shoot?

Props, Accessories, and bands to help you warm up. Some oils to moisturize your skin to help it shine in camera. creams to help pump up your skin. (example: prototype 8)

I'm not a bodybuilder can I still be photographed by you?

Yes, of course! I photograph everyone! 

Do you photograph anything other than fitness? 

I also photograph families, events, and cars for private clients.

have any tips on hair and makeup?

I would recommend always get them professionally done. Makeup artists tend to use makeup that does not reflect off lights. 

how long is a photoshoot?

it all depends on what package you decide on. you can find out the length under the package on the pricing page.

Where do sessions take place?

wherever you like! outside, a park, by the beach, the gym, factory, anywhere. With photoshoots always make sure we have permission to photograph there. I always recommend calling or emailing the place. Please keep in mind some locations have fees to be photographed there.

How much do photo sessions cost?

it depends on what package you choose! For all my pricing please email us at

How long after the shoot do I get to see the photos?

A few days after the shoot you will receive a link to view your proofs to select which images I edit for you. The editing process can take between 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year. 

do I need to give you much notice to book in?

no not at all! It just depends on my availability. I'll try my best to fit you in.

should I do the shoot before or after my comp?

I always recommend asking your coach! they know your body best and what would suit you for the shoot.

if you are doing a post-show shoot please keep in mind when you're having your post-show treats to not spill over so you look nice and full and vascular for your shoot.

do you travel out for shoots?

yes, I travel all over Victoria! (and interstate when announced) Travel over 100km from Inner West of Melbourne will incur a fee.

I haven't done a photoshoot before. Can you help me with posing?

Yes of course. I recommend getting some inspo photos so I know the style you like so I can pose you accordingly. 

do I need the experience to work with you?

no! Most of my clients have never had shoots before.

How did you start photography?

It is a super long story. but to summarise it, I started just before my father passed. I used photography to help me through the tough times. The more I photographed the more I fell in love with it!

how long have you been a photographer?

I started on Jan 07. so 14 years this year! 

Where are you based?

I'm from the inner west of Melbourne. 

What are your contact details?

you can email me at or just press the contact tab at the top of the page.

Can I buy more images later?


What are your payment options?


pay pal, transfer

the remainder of payment:

cash on the day, pay pal,  transfer 

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